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Обитель Бафура: королевство гномов

Четверг, 2020 Нарбелет 01, 21:43
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(metropolis 49,750)
Underhome is the center of gold dwarven society. Its rulers are the Deep Lords, noble dwarves who lead great clans of warriors and artisans. The Deep Lords in turn owe allegiance to Queen Karrivva of the Simmerforge Clan. More than any of the other cites, Underhome centers upon the Great Rift itself, maintaining responsibility for its defense and for the herds that graze upon its around the Riftlake area at the bottom.

The defense of Underhome, as well as its civic life, focuses on the communities central passage between the open air of the Rift and the cities main halls in the Underdark, known as the Gates, the mighty seventy-foot-tall doors make them stronger and more functional than they appear. The Gates once withstood the unthinkable impact of a great wyrm hurling itselfupon them with all its might, and proved stronger than the dragon.

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